Little Fairy Mini Book


Crafted from a premium cotton blend and OEKO-TEX® felt, our quiet book exemplifies heirloom quality through 100% sewn craftsmanship.

Step into a fairytale with our enchanting Little Fairy mini-book! Designed with practical skills in mind, it offers lacing, buttoning (on an elasticated cord), zipping, snaps, and Velcro activities. Immerse yourself in the magic of a castle filled with practical skill challenges. Style the gorgeous unicorn's braidable hair, perfect for enhancing bilateral coordination. Discover the little fairy with four delightful outfits, a dresser featuring a magnetic fishing game, a mirror, and a button maze for color matching, counting, and basic math. If you desire a different doll, simply let us know in the seller notes and we'll happily make the change. Dive into the world of fairytales and hands-on learning with our Little Fairy mini-book!