Little Farm Numeracy Quiet Book


-Mom's Choice Awards 2021

-The National Parenting Center 2021

-Happy Kid Awards - Best for Sensory Play 2021

Made of high-quality cotton blend and OEKO-TEX® felt fabric. 100% sewn cloth. Heirloom Quality. Artisan made. Each book sold provides education to a girl in need in India.

Research suggests that children exposed to math before five performed markedly better in complex math problems in school. Toddlers tend to struggle with relating a number with quantity. This book leads children through very basic math to more complex math problems by integrating addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions.

Little Farm is a farm-themed book that combines practical skills such as lacing, buttoning (on an elasticated cord), zipping, snaps, and Velcro.

The little farm contains an entire orchard of fruits and vegetables, which are not only great creative play opportunities but allow children a relatable medium to practice counting and math. The book includes a clock with a complete set of detachable numbers and a shop that little ones can use with included dollars, which can double up as a memory game. The book also contains a magnetic fishing game, great for hand-eye coordination.