How This Book Was Made

Safe & Strong Materials
Crafted from a premium cotton blend and OEKO-TEX® felt, this book is safe for both your child and the environment. Each book is tested for strength and safety before they leave our factories above the enforced toy safety standards of the USA, Canada, and Europe.


Sewn: Not One Dot of Glue
Our quiet books are of heirloom quality, meaning they can be passed down for generations. Our artisans only use sewing thread to bind item together instead of thread, making this book incredibly sturdy. You will not find one dot of glue throughout this entire book.


Crafted With Care Thanks to You
In our fight against poverty, our artisans are hired through free trade in areas stricken by poverty. Because of your purchases, these women are able to secure the steady work needed to grow their businesses and raise the quality of life for their families. Thank you for helping. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch with us.